Duplex-Strainer Stainless Steel

Duplex strainers in stainless steel can be used to filter many liquid aggressive medium, like deionized or demineralised wateralkaline, boiler feed water, acid or alcaline. The main advantage of this design is that the two filter chamber construction. This allows the continuous operation without any interruption for cleaning the component. Other advantages of the DUPLEX - strainers are the large filtration area, which provides a high filtration capacity and low pressure drop, as well as quick and easy access for cleaning.
With the use of a single lever the change-over between online and standby is achieved by utilising the integral valve system.
The DUPLEX strainer in stainless steel is a single housing assembly with an opposing Inlet- and Outlet flange. Each housing assembly comprises 2 identical filter chambers deionized or demineralised wateralkaline, boiler feed water, acid or alcaline medium bolted to a central ball valve diverter chamber. By operation of a single lever, the flow can be diverted from one filter chamber to the second filter chamber without any need of flow interruption. This enables the operator to clean either basket without any requirement to take the system off-line.

Housed in each filter chamber is basket strainer made of a perforated plated in stainless steel, optionally covered with a wire-cloth in various mesh widths. The medium to be filtered flows through the basket from the inside to the outside, hence the contaminants will remain within the strainer basket upon removal from the chamber.


Details to Duplexstrainer like installation lenght and available materials in diverse pressure rates:

General informationen to Duplexstrainer:
Duplex Strainer
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  • large filtration area
  • permanent filtration of the medium even during maintenance
  • competitively priced within its field
  • standard types available from stock
  • no down-time during maintenance / basket cleaning
  • single lever operation for safety and simplicity
  • simple handling / basket cleaning
  • low-maintenance
  • reusable elements

Strainer Types Stainless Steel for Industrial Applications

Y-Type Strainer Stainless Steel PN16

Low prices with short time delivery for many filterfinesses

Y-Type Strainer Stainless Steel ANSI, PN25, PN40

Strainer with large filter area and low pressure loss

Y-Type Strainer Stainless Steel Screwed

Easy mounting and up to 100 bar available

Y-Type Strainer Stainless Steel Socket Weld

Stable connection to the pipe and up to 100 bar

Single Basket Strainer Stainless Steel

For a tool-free and comfortable basket cleaning

Duplex-Strainer Stainless Steel

Interruption free plant operation through 2 sieves

T-Type Strainer Stainless Steel

From 2" (DN50) up to 12" (DN300) and up to 2500 LB (ASME)

Temporary Strainer Stainless Steel

During startup or after revision

Strainer in Carbon Steel

Strainer overview in carbon steel